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Keyboard TA30/40/41
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Operation critical Spare Part:

Keyboard Mat all Series of: TA 30, TA 40, TA41

For all users who don't know this yet, we have a solution for that difficult to operate and respond TA 30, TA 40 and TA 41 keyboard.
We re-engineered the part of the keyboard that wears out during normal operation and use.
After the contact surfaces on the keyboard rubber mat have worn down,
the mat will only respond and make proper contact under very heavy pressure.
You probably agree that it will become a rather big nuissance to even operate the badly responding keyboard.
During the prodction of our replacement mat we included a few features improving the original design.
1.   The contacts are textured - providing the same quick electrical response 
      with significantly less wear.  
2.   The Graphic Print on the button top is clear coated - also increasing the
      life span of the mat.
Give it a try - we are confident you will like the difference. Your Plotter will respond like when it was just purchased.
Call us for exchange prices and exhange procedures. You can keep the Keyboard Panel and all Electronic Components - all you exchange is the worn out Rubber Mat.  

Keyboard and Replacement Mat

Contact us at (303) 340 4465 or via Email:

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